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This website gives easiness for you to find writing inspiration. We have collected more than 200,000 example sentences in many academic papers, which will continue to be added over time.

The difficulty in writing an academic paper, research report, thesis, dissertation, or journal is in selecting words in sentences; if there are mistake then it leads to uninteresting stories telling, hard to read, and difficult to understand. English is the primary language for formal writing in science reports; that means that English mastery for writers, researchers and students is vital.

Of course, for producing excellent quality paper, you can hire experts. But do they understand the storyline of your material? Not necessarily right?. Therefore, you need many examples of reading material and then write it according to your writing style and avoid plagiarism.

For people who believe that writing is one of the arts, picking the right words, keywords, and terms to ensure readers understand every written sentence is necessary.

We hope you can improve your writing skills through this website with the example sentences that we collected. You can also promote your research quote and let other people cite your writing.

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